Tonitini (toni_ocean) wrote in photochallenge,

I took a photograph of you, do you remember?

Everyone is a photographer nowadays.
You have it on the palm of your hand, or even on the top of your head, sometimes even strapped around your pet or bike, or car, some you even make them fly.
Eitherway, people try to capture moments, ALL.THE.TIME.

The deal is, you want to store these memories. As discussed, and some of my friends have been aware--I picked up a habit and hobby that tries to capture every moment because of my fear of forgetting. That maybe one day, I will forget, and all I have are compiled photos, both printed and digitally stored, carefully archived by year, month, event--all in folders, triple backed up.

I was reminded on my way to work while in conversation with Betty (my coworker whom I carpool with), that all we are in this life are our memories, without it--I'd be gone. I wouldn't be me, at all.

So whatever it is the reason behind all those selfies, all those snapshots, and all the instagramming--take it all in, take charge, own it.
Shoot responsibly and preserve to remember everything you could.
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